I have always seen myself as an introvert developer, and the beginning of my career was entirely programming. I coded myself, long worked for the iiko company, then started to deal with the Service Inspector startup, and coded for it (it still exists, and is still profitable).
At a crossroads in my life, I understood I wanted to create a project which could quickly grow and be suitable both for restaurants and for any public places such as hair salons, health care centers, and veterinary clinics. This is how Revvy appeared, and all my life is in fact devoted to this project.
About myself:
Igor Sychev
I guess before the start of Revvy I hadn’t been an entrepreneur, and I understand what this role is only now. I feel that with each month of this startup’s development, I am more and more an entrepreneur, and less and less a programmer. I have to take increasingly complicated decisions. The lockdown was pivoting for my development as a businessman, when I had to fire almost all the team of Service Inspector. Psychologically and emotionally, it was most difficult. Before that, I was just a developer who somehow automatically became a CEO, but I believed that my basic goal was to write a code. After the lockdown, I started to be responsible for the product, team, and profit, and I had immediately to grow up.
While Revvy is developing, I do a lot of quite demanding tasks not related to development at all, and it is an entirely new experience for me. That’s why I stopped to worry about the future, in a certain sense. I understood I already could deal with a big number of issues, and it means I can respond to any new challenges as well. When you become a СЕО, you discover you have a lot of abilities.
I believe that my superpower is to pick a really friendly, professional, and emotional team at Revvy. We are all working towards one goal, and the team’s attitude is very invigorating for me.
Another my strong side is ability to work. I can work really a lot, and actually Revvy occupies all my time and thoughts right now.
I barely have time for hobbies, but I have one which is making radio-controlled planes.
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