Actika – accelerator for HoReCa & Retail IT projects
Smart investments for those who want to DO MORE
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We are for you, if
You are building a HoReCa & Retail IT project
This project is your main work
There is a market to create a big company
You already have happy clients and revenues
Turn dreams into business ___Get investments and make it global
Turn dreams into business ___Get investments and make it global
Turn dreams into business ___Get investments and make it global
Turn dreams into business ___Get investments and make it global
How We Work
We assess the potential of our cooperation and decide whether to develop it or not.
We help you to find what gets in your way to the goal and to remove limitations.
We define the conditions of the deal and sign a corporate agreement.
We invest in the project and work towards our goals together.
Meeting each other
Due diligence
Why We
We are focused on the industry and know everything about it.
We don’t take money for acceleration and don’t limit your time of participating in the program.
The founders are currently working entrepreneurs and owners of businesses which earn over $200M per year.
We form of community of successful founders who a want and can grow.
“I have a long experience of working with investors. At the moment, there are 185 investors in Yalla Market, and each week new ones come. I was working with a bank acting as an investor as well. That’s why I am positive that Evgeny Lebedev and his partner follow a 100% founder-friendly approach. He acts as an adviser giving a founder freedom of decision-making.”
“The guys give you practical instructions on how to scale your project, and help with every aspect. They change the way of your thinking, with growth becoming your priority.”
“We grew by about 21 times since the start of work with the accelerator, with monthly revenues increasing from Rb300K to Rb6.3M. Numbers speak better than words. Colleagues know how to focus on the project and how to make an IT product that sells out of a computer program”.
What’s valuable for us in the Actika accelerator:
  1. The partners highlight problems. They ask right questions and make you give answers which get you out of the comfort zone and thus become challenges.
  2. They are experts in foodtech.
  3. It’s trainers who play. There are a lot of theorists around us, and practicing partners are particularly important.
Our projects
Our team
Founder of First BIT, an international integrator of IT solutions.
Evgeny Lebedev is a foodtech entrepreneur and founder of LEMMA, an integrator of IT solutions for restaurants (present in Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Georgia). He is a business tracker having over 70 graduates from various business areas.
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