Before Leadball appeared, I had been employed in Moscow as a head of digital marketing. To tell the truth, reality didn’t match my expectations from work at all. I always wanted to do something with my own hands, to code, and see the result. As for the previous work, I was always busy with endless meetings, tried to solve problems, and fight bureaucracy. I was setting the team tasks at meetings, they were delegating them, and this seemed a vicious circle. Limits demotivated me, as well as inability to influence the processes. However, I believed that this was a logical continuation of my career way. I was thinking, “You cannot always lay bricks, you should strive for top management”. And then suddenly I was fired. At first, I was shocked. Then I felt this brought me joy and some freedom. I understood I would not be employed again anymore. Freedom in my startup proved to be an illusion, the very feeling that I am setting rules was important for me.
About myself:
Dmitry Sheverev
I developed the first product and organized first sales myself, and hired first employees with this money. I am changing and trying to build a company getting a result already together with my team.
I like to build a company and to see the result. I don’t like power, and it is more a burden than a benefit for me. That’s why I try to build up good relationships with employees and to be on an equal footing with them. I think that the ability to get along with people is one of my strong sides.
What else I do well: copywriting, management, Internet marketing, sales, and development.
My quotation:
“You should get up from your laptop at least twice a day :)”.
I was fired and everything went topsy-turvy, but I did not give up and started doing an IT service. What have I gained and what have I lost?
I look through the eyes of an investor at our startup
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