My two university friends and me started to build the company in 1997 when studying in the fourth year at Moscow State University (Maths Faculty). The first office of 1C:Bit was located in Moscow State University’s dormitory. The approach to business was typical for students: no fear, no money, no responsibility, and no goals. However, the crisis of 1998 made us grow up. At the moment, 1C:Bit has over 100 offices in 8 countries and employs more than 6,000 people.
About myself:
I believe that the key business strategy is to make the introduction of our technologies into the client’s processes as much value-adding for the client as possible. It is important to care about the clients by looking at the objective from their point of view and to search for the best solution without delay. To do that, you must be a real professional.
For me, the best way to take a mental reset is to do sport, triathlon in particular. I had a great time in the Sahara taking part in Marathon des Sables (the length of 250 km). I managed to rank first among Russian athletes (ranked 34th among all the contestants). I won the Ice Marathon held on Lake Baikal, ranked second in Fire and Ice, a six-day ultra marathon organized in Iceland. Besides, I participated in Ironman many times. I believe that business and sport are very similar; to show best results, you shouldn’t interrupt training. And of course, it is crucial who will be your trainer.
Anton Dolgov
Founder of First BIT, an international integrator of IT solutions.
“People are first to act”.
Finish at any cost
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