The Yalla Market project was started in April 2021 as the first online service of super-fast grocery delivery in 15 minutes. In November 2021, Yalla attracted $2.5mn from Wamda Dubai Angel Investors. Among business angels were Sergey Itskov and Violetta Gvozdovskaya, and in April 2022 Fyodor Ovchinnikov, the founder of Dodo Pizza, invested in Yalla. At the moment, the number of Yalla investors exceeds 180.
About company:
The idea of creating Yalla appeared after a walk through Dubai districts, with a lot of residential buildings, cramped parking lots, and only one opened shop and restaurant. “Yalla” is a popular word in the Arabic language which can be used in any situation, starting with hurrying somebody up and finishing with calling a taxi.
Stanislav Seleznev
YallaMart: how we launched express grocery delivery in Dubai in 47 days
History of Yalla Market
Dubai-based food tech startup Yalla Market with founders from Russia raised $2.2 million
The Russian invested in the Dubai startup Yalla Market
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