Service No 1 to promote local business
In summer 2020, in the thick of the pandemic, we started to consider an idea of a service for entrepreneurs from various spheres to attract new customers without skyrocketing expenses. At this time, Podium, a company in the U.S., became a unicorn supporting our intention to make a product useful and available for any coffee house, hair salon, or car care centre. The target was clear: to make the business get higher ratings on the maps, bigger number of positive reviews, and as a result, bigger number of customers.
This is how Revvy was started. This is a service helping other companies improve their ratings on Google Maps, Yandex Maps, or 2GIS, and get feedback from their customers via messengers.
About the company:
Revvy’s first customer was Persona, a Moscow beauty salon. Our investor sold the product idea to the salon while getting a stylish haircut. Typically enough for a startup, we had nothing at the first stage except for beautiful screenshots created in Photoshop and a Power Point presentation. The product MVP was made after we had taken on first clients. Revvy’s interface shown in the first selling presentation still seems more beautiful than it’s in reality.
Most of promotion channels became unavailable for the business, and our clients understand that work on reviews and ratings is an efficient way of attracting new followers. That said we don’t interrupt the product development adding new functions (like confirmation of a visit to the heath care centre or barbershop, or notification about a change in the delivery status).
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