I have always wanted to try to do business. That’s why in childhood I was selling apples from our neighbor’s garden and washing cars with bullet marks on them (the south of Russia was not the safest place on earth in the 1990s). At the same time, I was interested in maths and had no doubts about where to study after school. I graduated from the Maths Faculty of the Rostov State University. In 2005, my university friend and I founded the company called LEMMA, which grew from a Rostov-on-Don regional office into the biggest Russian IT integrator for restaurants with over 5,000 customers from all over the world.
About myself:
In 2013, I met my future business partner Anton Dolgov. At that time, I thought the scale of my business was limited to one city. Anton helped me to overcome this limitation, showing me that it didn’t make difference where to search for employees and customers, in Rostov, Moscow, or Ekaterinburg. This change in the way of thinking influenced me profoundly, and helped me to reach LEMMA’s turnover of half a billion roubles, both through the opening of new offices and acquisitions of companies. Now, I help entrepreneurs to change their patterns of thinking as well, for them to develop and build big companies.
Evgeny Lebedev
Evgeny Lebedev is a foodtech entrepreneur and founder of LEMMA, an integrator of IT solutions for restaurants (present in Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Georgia). He is a business tracker having over 70 graduates from various business areas.
In the integrator business, you get feedback on customer’s goals and objectives. You start to understand which IT products may be really demanded on the market. In this way, the Actika accelerator fund was born. The first project we invested in was DocsInBox in 2017. Later, we understood that we could enforce projects in the early stage of development thanks to our knowledge coupled with financing. We think that this is our formula of success: specific expertise + opportunities we provide startups with as an accelerator.
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About books:
In 2016, I had an idea on a train journey of writing a book on entrepreneur’s mistakes based on my own experience. On the one hand, mistakes were simple and evident; on the other, I could see that entrepreneurs keep making similar ones wasting precious time.
Thus, the first book written by Yanina Strelkovskaya and me appeared, Twenty Three Rakes. This is the beginner’s guide to entreprenship.
We started to write our second book, Simply about the Growth, several times, and each of them I was faced with a serious personal crisis. Strangely enough, it is the pandemic of 2020 which helped our company to rapidly grow thanks to the management system introduced by me. I started to use the key principles of this system working as a tracker for various companies. This let the teams obtain spectacular results, and in 2021, we published our second book Simply about the Growth intended for those who got stuck at some level and don’t know how to grow exponentially. This book is a basis for methodology provided to the clients of our Actika accelerator service.
About hobbies:
My energy doesn’t let me stay long in one place. I have two motorbikes in my garage, and my wardrobes are full with outfit for sport & outdoor activities. Currently, I choose travelling with motobikes for a mental reset. In 2019, my friend and I rode Harleys from Moscow to Prague. Another travel with motobikes was all over the Black Sea coast. In summer 2022, we went from Moscow as far as to Rybachy Peninsula. It was amazing.
“Our goal is to make as more companies (from Russia and abroad) as possible capable of quick growth”.
Evgeny Lebedev: "The main goal is to help the client solve his tasks"
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