About company:
Krave Mart is an e-grocery service in Pakistan. They were the first to launch fast grocery delivery in this country. At the moment, there are over 80 people in the company, and it develops its own product brand.
Kassim Shroff
Haziq Ahmed
Ahsan Kidwai
Hammad Bawany
Krave Mart addresses the following issues:
1) People are too busy at work or home to stand in a line at a shop.
2) The generation which wants things here and now is gaining strength.
Krave’s app lets you get over 2,500 goods from more than 15 categories within 10 minutes.
From August to October 2022, the company managed to significantly increase the turnover by 45% thanks to the growth of the order’s total cost and focus on profitability.
In October 2022, GMV TTM reached $10.9M, and gross margin was 25%.
Krave Mart also cooperated with the YC Combinator accelerator (S22).
“We want to be faster and live by our core values of “Need for Speed''!
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