I have been interested in everything about computers since my youth. Naturally, it influenced my choice of education. First, I graduated from an IT school, and then, from the Applied Mathematics in Economics faculty (Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don). When I was in the fourth year, my groupmate proposed I join the LEMMA company which dealt with integration and servicing of any software capable of improving a local business’ life. I had necessary education, but my only arguments for hiring me were a mathematical mindset, and ability to work hard. However, I was employed as an engineer, and I started my professional career in IT. A year later, the company started to focus on the restaurant market, attracted investments, and decided on opening a branch in Moscow.
About myself:
Sergey Lozitsky
I immediately understood it was my finest hour, and I was ready to head the new branch’s IT department on any conditions. I was lucky because the company didn’t have systemic processes at the moment, and I was left to my own devices, which was my growth area, as the branch was rapidly growing, and as a head of the IT department, I had to respond to a lot of challenges. After that, I kept boosting my career, changing positions and responsibilities areas. As a result, I decided to set up our own R&D department responsible for the launch of new products inside our integrator.
The most exciting professional experience I’ve ever had is to work with active and ambitious founders, and help them to grow faster.
We always strived for innovation, and once Evgeny Lebedev proposed that I should participate in the launch of a project isolated from LEMMA. The project’s goal was to search, and to invest in startups creating useful IT products for the food & business segment. I immediately liked the idea, and this project became a venture fund – the Actika accelerator.
P.S. By now, LEMMA’s processes have been considerably improved :)
Project manager, analyst
"One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful" (Sigmund Freud)
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