“We want the restaurant business to develop and reach its goals through modern technologies.”
LEMMA was founded in 2005 by Evgeny Lebedev and his friend Alexey Malyshevsky. As both studied at the math faculty, the name was mathematical, and included first letters of the founders’ surnames. The name symbolizes what the company does. LEMMA wants restaurants all over Russia to increase their profitability through IT solutions.
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Before 2014, LEMMA worked in three business areas, i.e. 1C: Franchisee, IT outsourcing, and the automation of restaurants’ working processes. In 2014, LEMMA united with 1С:BIT, and 1C: Franchisee and IT outsourcing were handed over to 1C:BIT, while LEMMA focused on the restaurant business solely. Thanks to that it managed to double the turnover already in 2015. It opened offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Kazan, besides Krasnodar. In 2017, LEMMA bought several iiko dealers in Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk, and the company’s trading volume reached Rb213M.
In 2018, LEMMA’s turnover added 70% year-on-year, business was expanded to new cities, and new network clients were taken on (AnderSon network, and Italy Group), including in Belarus and Kazakhstan.
In 2019, LEMMA’s turnover reached Rb450M, and in 2020, it became the leader in sales among all iiko’s partners.
The pandemic brought changes to the company, making the owners take tough decisions. However, this also helped LEMMA to become stronger and more profitable. At the moment, all its employees work remotely, but performance only improved thanks to the administration system, regular management, and daily control over key metrics. The company’s own corporate university lends LEMMA a hand with the education of engineers.
In 2020, Evgeny Lebedev launched an IT integrator called Technopeak in Turkey. Now this project is growing, and Evgeny speaks Turkish more and more often.
LEMMA again transformed in 2022 signing partnership agreements with companies offering IT services for restaurants in the highest demand, for customers to settle different issues at LEMMA at once. We understood that clients’ IT infrastructure was often built in a chaotic way representing a set of programs not related to each other. We’d like to be a restaurant’s partner that knows the best solution because of forming an overall picture. According to LEMMA’s mission, the company wants restaurants to grow and become more profitable through IT.
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