The very first thing in the world which I have always found exciting is people: why they act in a certain way, and what the motives behind their behavior are. A human being is the most interesting and puzzling creature. Very early, I understood I liked to both think and write about people, and this predetermined my choice of education. I graduated from the Psychology Faculty of Rostov State University receiving an honors degree. During studies, I liked to discover the ways psychology might be of use to people, in emergencies, or forensic science. When I was working on my final year project, I understood I had to make a choice about my future job. I could work for the government, or for business. I chose business, as I had a positive experience of working for a recruitment agency as a student. After graduation, I was invited to join a real recruiting startup.
About myself:
Yanina Strelkovskaya
My positive personal traits were developed both in the professional sphere, and thanks to my hobby. When an adolescent, I formed the biggest Russian fan club of Placebo, the British musical group, and created a website and a blog. We cooperated with Russian concert agencies, and both our friends and us were granted free access to the fan zone at concerts. I think this helped me to understand one important thing about life: if you really want something, you should act. In 2010, I moved to Minsk where I got a job with the dream company, HeadHunter. This is how my career in the IT sphere took off, and HH is among the best Russian IT companies. Its corporate culture is amazing, education is excellent, working processes are impressive, and requirements for your expertise are demanding.
I returned to Russia in the end of 2011, and accepted a job offer made by LEMMA, as my job interview there was the longest in my life. In LEMMA, I made my way up from the sales manager’s position to the head of the sales department. During the work, I sold an IT solution (World Class network automation) based on 1C for over Rb2.5M, which was a record.
In 2020, my son was born, and in 2021, our second book written together with Evgeny Lebedev, Simply about the Growth, was published. It’s guidelines for companies intending to develop. At that time, Evgeny invited me to work together on the Actika accelerator helping startups we invest in to grow. I am excited about working on projects launched all over the world (in Russia, Turkey, UAE, US, and Brazil), I like the entrepreneurship environment, and I am happy to help all teams working for our accelerator.
During the pandemic, I was writing a corporate digest for LEMMA. The company switched to remote work, and needed new ways of communication, and new corporate culture. I was writing humorous stories about adventures of a girl in an imaginary restaurant located in a provincial town. These stories were intended for our website, I believe that the sense of humour can save lives. And finally, I am a fan of the Zenit football club, and you can find my interview on the club’s website.
In 2014, part of LEMMA joined 1C:Bit, and I continued to work in 1C:Bit. My goal was to set up a sales department responsible for attraction of new clients. I managed to achieve a record-high conversion rate in the department, and my practices became a recommendation for all sales teams of 1C:Bit. In 2016, Evgeny Lebedev and me wrote our first book, Twenty Three Rakes. 4,000 copies were published and sold out, and the book got a lot of sincere and enthusiastic positive reviews. It was somewhat unexpected.
After that, I launched the sales of an expensive and complex product for accounting in the Rostov branch of 1C:Bit. I won in a competition between 1C:Bit branches for the number of sales and left the company to start working on DocsInBox sales.
In 2018, I came back to LEMMA to create a new business unit inside the company. It was dealing with sales of the DocsInBox service to restaurants. To reach the goal, I started with personal sales attracting large network and brand clients (like Milimon Family network of restaurants), and conducted a series of webinars both for customers and for the company’s employees. As a result, we implemented the plan, and now LEMMA stays among leading partners which sell DocsInBox.
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